Improve your on-shelf availability by accelerating re-stocking with autonomous delivery tugs

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The new BrainOS-powered autonomous delivery tug solution helps retailers to increase efficiency and productivity by enabling the automated delivery of carts and loose-pack inventory for any indoor point-to-point delivery need.
Built for retail environments with open workflows and frequent layout changes, delivery tug robots are easily operated, by anyone and allows for highly configurable routing options that can be quickly adjusted or updated as store layouts change.
Key Benefits
Helps Increase On-Shelf Availability
Efficiently brings inventory from stockroom to shelves so employees can focus on re-stocking.
Boost Employee Productivity
Eliminates inefficient back-and-forth stock runs, enabling staff to focus on higher value activities.
Improve Employee Safety
Reduces risk of workers’ compensation claims by decreasing wear-and-tear on employees.
Streamline Workflows
Streamline delivery processes by planning multiple stops throughout the store with single or multiple routes.
Leverage Existing Inventory Equipment
Capable of towing a variety of industry standard stock and utility cart form factors, maximizing capital investment.

Why Use an Autonomous Delivery Tug?

475k lbs

Estimated amount of inventory moved per month per store, using two autonomous delivery units.1


Potential productivity improvement from automating back and forth delivery.1


Number of injuries in retail (2018) from overexertion resulting in missed workdays.2

$13.8 billion

Estimated amount retailers spend per year on costs associated with injuries.3

Sources: 1) Data based on initial Brain Corp estimates for delivery robots deployed in a typical retail application, 2) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018 3) Millman, Inc., “2016 Retail Cost of Risk,”

Retail's Newest Productivity Solution

Get more details about autonomous delivery tugs, a new, easy-to-deploy robotic solution that automates the movement of goods for the last 500 feet between the stockroom and store shelves. Immediately expand staff capacity and reduce the risk of exposure to workers' compensation claims.

Why Work with Brain Corp?

Brain Corp is a San Diego-based AI company creating transformative core technology for the robotics industry, including BrainOS, a cloud-connected operating system for commercial autonomous robots. Robots powered by BrainOS navigate autonomously, avoid obstacles, adapt to dynamic and complex environments, manage data, generate reports, and seamlessly interact with human users.

Working with its manufacturing partners, Brain Corp has deployed or enabled more than 10,000 robots worldwide, accounting for a total of more than 1.5 million autonomous hours. Named the world’s top autonomy solution provider by ABI Research, Brain Corp is funded by the SoftBank Vision Fund and Qualcomm Ventures.

Boost on-shelf availability and sales with an autonomous delivery tug.

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