Meet the all new Dane AIR™ - the world's most advanced inventory scanning robot 

Powered by the BrainOS® Robotics Platform

The majority of retailers manually track in-store inventory by deploying associates to meticulously identify inconsistencies amongst tens of thousands of SKUs, looking for issues with product availability, price tags and product locations. Give your associates a more efficient solution for tracking and addressing inventory issues—the Dane AIR™ is ready to help!

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Simplifying in-store inventory management through automation

Full Autonomy

From remote route generation and optimization to seamless route scheduling, and from autonomous charging to zero-assist navigation, this robot can fully take on the job of tracking inventory.

Precise Data Capture

Utilizing advanced computer vision and RFID, this robot can pinpoint issues with your inventory so that your associates can quickly make adjustments for customers.

Intelligent and agile navigation

Powered by the next-gen BrainOS® Robotics Platform, this robot combines proven autonomous navigation with an advanced sensor suite, including a 3D Lidar and RGB cameras.

Part of a complete inventory management solution

Efficiently capturing inventory insights is just the beginning. The BrainOS® InventoryAI Suite utilizes AI to analyze data and generate actions, offering retailers a full end-to-end solution.


Automation drives productivity and prosperity.   

For retailers, inventory is one of the hardest things to manage, and is also their largest cost.  For customers, inventory represents their wants and needs, and their expectations are they should be able to get what they want, where they want, when they want - and at the right price. 

Introducing the Dane AIR™ into stores allows retailers to frequently, efficiently and accurately capture inventory data, offering a solution to gain control over their primary challenge and seize a major opportunity.


A more accurate and frequent data stream. 

Identifying inconsistencies amongst tens of thousands of SKUs is really hard to do with the naked eye, which means mistakes happen. Additionally, with only a few chances each week for thorough inventory checks, issues might go unnoticed for a long time.

When these mistakes add up, they can lead to lost sales, customer distrust and misinformed supply chains - costing retailers money and customers. 


Let your associates sell and serve your customers.   

Tracking inventory is a meticulous, time consuming job that takes associates away from what they like to do - sell and serve customers. This is one reason why the “quit rate” in US retail is the highest among sectors and is outpacing the overall US quit rate by more than 70%, according to McKinsey.  

Let Dane AIR™ help your employees by giving them the insights to create a better store experience, and the time to sell and serve customers. 

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