How Robots Solve Retail’s Restocking Challenge

An Introduction to Autonomous Inventory Delivery


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In the face of increased consumer demand, maintaining adequate stock levels has proven to be a major ongoing challenge for retailers, particularly those in grocery. Moving inventory and goods from the stockroom out to the store shelves is a laborious and time-consuming process that puts additional strain on workers and can impact sales if not carried out in a timely manner. So how can retailers better manage this process in today's complex environment?

Download this new guide, "How Robots Solve Retail’s Restocking Challenge" today to learn how a new type of robotic application - autonomous inventory delivery - can help improve operational efficiency and increase productivity while easing the burden on employees.


In this guide you will learn:

  • What autonomous inventory delivery is and how it works
  • How delivery robots increase productivity an estimated 67%
  • The five key benefits of robotic delivery for retail, including improving on-shelf availability
  • Whether autonomous robots are right for your business

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"The winners in the retail sector will be those who understand the implications of automation and act quickly to respond to them."

McKinsey Global Institute - 2019