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robotic floor scrubber

Non-Retail ROI Calculator

robotic floor scrubber

Non-Retail ROI Calculator

The time and money robotic scrubbers can save your business depends on a few factors

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Step 1

Select the type of manual scrubber currently used at your facility

Step 2

Select the number of robot scrubbers, usage hours, and hourly labor costs

Number of robot scrubbers

1 50

Desired usage hours per day

2.5 4

Hourly labor cost

$17 $35

Annual hours saved

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World-class autonomy + Proven cleaning equipment

Using the same operating system that powers the world's largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots operating in commercial public spaces, BrainOS®-enabled robot floor scrubbers combine sophisticated AI technology and proven cleaning equipment to consistently and methodically clean a variety of environments while safely navigating among employees and other people, such as students, travelers, and shoppers. These machines save you time and money, and help you better manage today's cleaning challenges.

Key benefits of robotic floor scrubbers include:

Expansion of workforce capacity from re-allocation of staff to other valuable tasks

Bridge operational gaps caused by absenteeism and labor shortages

More frequent, and more consistent cleaning without increased labor costs

Proof of cleaning performance with graphical reporting and dashboards

Improved site ratings thanks to cleaner facilities