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A clean retail environment is more important than ever before to help address consumer concerns and expectations for their personal safety. With these heightened expectations, retailers can’t afford to compromise on cleanliness. So how can they address this need without increasing costs or sacrificing efficiency from their workforce?

Download this new guide, “How Robots Help Retailers Meet Today’s Cleaning Challenges,” today to learn how autonomous floor scrubbers can help streamline operations, ensure a cleaner retail environment, and make on-the-floor workers more productive and efficient.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Five key benefits of autonomous floor care solutions
  • The anatomy of robotic floor scrubbers
  • The latest robot adoption trends in retail
  • How robotic usage metrics can optimize cleaning performance
  • Whether cleaning robots are right for your business

The winners in the retail sector will be those who understand the implications of automation and act quickly to respond to them.

McKinsey Global Institute

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