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Robots Come to Retail: Key Factors Driving Accelerated Adoption

An estimated 150,000 new mobile robots will be deployed within brick and-mortar retail by 2025¹, and in the wake of the recent pandemic, cleaning will likely be changed forever.

Will your store add a new robotic team member in the near future?

In this new retail robotics eBook, “The Path to Autonomous Floor Cleaning,” created in partnership with Tennant, you’ll learn how autonomous cleaning machines can also help with some common challenges retailers and grocers face, such as:

  • Labor shortages
  • Labor costs
  • High turnover
  • Proof of cleaning
  • Safety concerns

Read more about why robotic cleaning equipment is taking the retail industry by storm and learn how it can help your grocery store business become cleaner and safer—making a positive impression on customers.


The winners in the retail sector will be those who understand the implications of automation and act quickly to respond to them.

McKinsey Global Institute

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