How the Voice of the Customer Should Drive Product Definition and Development

Product development has traditionally been about the ubiquitous level of effort vs. value tradeoff. However, as product development gets automated and the growing pains of manufacturing and productizations get removed from many internal processes, the domain of “what we can develop” becomes essentially limitless and constrained only by resources. What becomes paramount in such scenarios is how to sift out the “what we should do” from the “what we should not do,” and align the organization’s focus, competencies, resources and vision into a direction that creates sustainable differentiation. Customers morph from requirement generators to requirement filters.

Product roadmaps should encompass the front and back-end of your product. The front being how your product is deployed, the back how it is serviced. It is only with these "bookends" that you will know a product is ready to launch.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  1. Considerations for how a product is rolled out and trained, as well as how serviceable it is in the field.

  2. How the voice of the customer can and should include internal touch points and groups, specifically customer service and deployment.

  3. Learn strategies, tools and frameworks than can arm a product manager as roadmaps & strategies are formulated.

  4. Why products that are easy to deploy and service increase customer satisfaction and the overall quality of your solution.

  5. How end-to-end road mapping provides a full solution and will prevent unintended pain points and costs, reducing barriers to market growth, and limiting margin erosion.



Sandy Agnos

Director of Global Business Development at Brain Corp
As a business development and product management professional, Sandy has been instrumental in the commercialization and launch of numerous AI technologies including three different autonomous mobile robots across North America, EU and APAC regions. She is one of the few domain experts in the field of indoor autonomous navigation. Sandy has extensive experience with business case and product roadmap development and has designed and executed go-to-market and launch strategies in multiple market verticals. She is credited with introducing autonomous mobile robots to the healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and floor care markets.


Raj Aikat

Director of Product Management at Brain Corp
In his current role, Raj oversees the product and services roadmap of all BrainOS technologies, products and services. Before joining Brain Corp, Raj managed roadmap planning for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon product line, and engineering at MicroDisplay Corporation. He has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from UC, Berkeley.